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Things You Never Noticed About LOST

by Vozzek

Packed with over 250 pages of LOST thoughts, theories, and detailed perceptions on the show, Things You Never Noticed About LOST is the ultimate guide to the past, present, and future of the island.

  • Paperback, 7 x 5.5 in.
  • 256 Spine-Tingling Pages
  • Ultra-Rad Introduction by Vozzek
  • Over a Dozen Mind-Blowing Chapters

Don't Watch LOST Without It!

Latest News: LOST IS BACK!!! Here's the Rundown...

February 2, 2010

Well, this is it. With LOST's final season airing in just a few hours, most of you are rocking side-to-side in the last stages of withdrawal and looking for ways to chloroform anyone who might interrupt you between the hours of 9 and 11pm. And I'm totally with ya.

A couple of quick things:

• My weekly recaps will appear as always on DarkUFO's site. I've always enjoyed the comments there, as well as reading everyone else's take on things. I'll post links to my recaps the moment Dark has them up, and tweet it out for all those who follow me, back with ex, and wall decals. Just as in past years, I plan to have the recaps finished by the following day.

• There's a sample chapter of my book available here. Anyone who hasn't read it yet should be able to get a pretty good idea of the what to expect. For those who have, thanks for all the great letters and positive feedback!

• The ODI Podcasts will continue throughout the season, providing weekly episode recaps and detailed commentary. You can keep up with them as they're released on the new Podcast Page.

Solve LOST's biggest mysteries!

• Last but certainly not least, I've been receiving a lot of emails from people who tell me something along the lines of:

"Vozz! I didn't know you wrote a book, man!
I wish I'd had the chance to read it before season six started..."

Well guess what? The book will rock you no matter when you read it. It contains a whole host of thoughts, ideas, perceptions, and a ton of cool evidence gathered over the last five seasons of LOST. Dialogue gets analyzed, important scenes get dissected, and answers get revealed against their will. Yeah, that's right - it's borderline criminal.

Still not convinced? Glance over at the demonstrative graphic shown to the right. Look at how effectively my book has hunted down and subdued LOST's most elusive mysteries. Note the fierce determination... the stranglehold of total control. You just can't find this type of dedication anywhere else.

The second print run just showed up, so read the reviews.

When you're ready, check out: Things You Never Noticed About LOST.

Enjoy the premiere everyone!

Scene of the Week 7: Hurley & Dave - Dave

Scene of the Week!

Once a week, I plan to analyze some of the most important scenes in the first five seasons of LOST. These will be presented in no particular order. If anyone has opinions on which scenes are the biggest and best, shoot me an email and I'll add them to the list... unless of course, they involve Nikki and Paulo.

Hurley & Dave at the Cliff

Hurley and Dave at the Cliff - Dave

HURLEY: "You're not here. You were in the hospital. You can't be here."

DAVE: "Sorry, dude. I am here."

By the end of season two, we'd seen a lot of strange shit. The parallels between characters were astounding, the numbers were popping up everywhere, and there was a monster in the jungle. As we struggled to rationalize all these things, Dave threw another big question into the mix:

What if nothing we were seeing was real at all? What if everything we saw - every last crazy inexplicible coincidence - was all being created in someone's head?

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How to Get Boyfriend Back

Check Out the Scene of the Week Archives

The Official ODI LOST Podcast

The ODI LOST Podcast - Weekly Episode Recaps, Interviews & More

The ODI LOST Podcast
As many of you already know, my good friends Anil "The ODI" and Karen have been running a kickass weekly podcast on all things LOST. Last year I was lucky enough to become a part of their show, enabling me to discuss LOST with two of its biggest fanatics. Don't miss these in-depth discussions of LOST... no stone is left unturned (and some are even turned over three or four times!)

The Latest Podcast:

ODI Podcast 49 - Season 6 Premiere Recap Part 1

Click Here To Hear The Podcast

Wow what a great premiere! We got several answers but in classic LOST fashion a ton more questions?

In Part 1 we completely breakdown the LA X Parallel time line and provide you with our theories on what is happening. Part 2 will be posted later today on this same post, so be sure to get her back.

Click Here For A Complete List of Podcasts

Random Thoughts & Theories: Something's Up With Kate

NEW! - Random Thoughts and Theories

Below you'll find a pretty slick collection of random thoughts, theories, and concepts on LOST. Check them out, and be sure to let me know what you think. (I'm still working on a comment system, so hang tight!)

The Marshal Hates Kate - Big Time

Kate & The Marshal 1

The marshal died early. We never really discussed him much. He had more flashback time than actual time on the island, but in the brief scenes he stayed with us, Edward Mars made a lasting impression.

One of the really strange things about the marshal was his obsession with Kate. It wasn't enough that he hunted her down, he seemed to take abnormal levels of pride and glee in tormenting her. He laughed, taunted, and smirked at Kate every chance he got... all of this directed at a mostly innocent girl who, at the very worst, killed an abusive stepfather to save her mother from daily beatings.

Smashed up from the crash, septic wounds and all, his thoughts never turned to his own survival. Instead, the marshal's sole island agenda consisted of finding Kate, identifying her as a fugitive, and getting her back in those handcuffs.

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Book Reviews Are In!!!

Things You Never Noticed About LOST - Raves, Rants, & Reviews

What do other people think? From every far-flung corner of the globe (and beyond), people are checking in to speak their mind after reading the book. Here's what they have to say:

"Excellent job Vozzek, worth the wait! I haven't finished an entire book since High School. I got your book yesterday and finished it last night. Spent most the day today rifling through old episodes - especially all of the scenes noted in the last chapter." - Mike C.

"This book opened my eyes to many different ideas about my fave tv show. I really enjoyed the book and think it's a terrific companion to the series." - jlklepp

"Vozzek? I enjoyed his sodding book." - Desmond Hume

Click Here To Read All Reviews

Random Craziness: LOST Humor

NEW! - The Almost LOST Comic Strips

Back in the old days of the imdb message boards, we used to suffer through the hiatus by making our own LOST comics. They were silly, they were stupid, and some of them contain some spicy language (consider yourself warned), but if you're ready for some LOST craziness you should check out the link below.
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Welcome To Things I Noticed!

November 28,2009

"Hey Vozzek, why don't you have your own website?"

It's been a good question. And for the past several years, I've always given the same three-word answer: "Just too busy." Running a website takes a lot of time and work... and I should know, because I'm running over 20 sites for other people. But running a LOST website? That's a labor of love. As many of my closest LOST friends already know, that's the type of website you can't easily escape from, especially once LOST starts airing again. In that respect I guess it's kinda like the island, only with no Frank and no helicopter.

Today, I'm still pretty damned busy. But hey, it's season SIX! This is it! By June or July of 2010, LOST will be history. And so after five long years, here it is:

Also in the spirit of "this is it", I took the time to write a book this summer. Things You Never Noticed About LOST was a lot like running a LOST site: inescapable, yet awesome. Details on the book are above, and I hope everyone likes it.

So welcome to the site. I plan on updating it regularly with thoughts, theories, and cool observations from not only season six, but seasons one through five as well. Hell, I even joined Twitter for you guys - something I thought I'd never do. I talk way too much to limit myself to 140 characters, so it's gonna be hard. But screw it, I'm taking that bullet this season.

Only 2 More Months Till' Season Six!
Start salivating.


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