LOST Comic Strips - IMDB Message Board Madness

Nearly lost in the annals of time...   Rescued from the MegaByte trash heap...   They were known only by one name:

Crazy IMDB LOST Comic Strips

Back in the old days of the imdb message boards, we used to suffer through the hiatus by making our own LOST comics. They were silly, they were stupid, some of them even were borderline offensive... but in the end, it was always fun to create them - especially the Jack ones.

I thought they were lost forever, but I managed to dig a few of these up while looking through an old server. Keep in mind that most of these are from a long, long time ago.

If any of my old imdb buddies (or even newer friends) have some to add, I'll gladly post them here. Just shoot me an email at Vozzek69@gmail.com.

The Big Reveal

Don't Quit Your Day Job

It's a Jungle Out There

Not Your Average Character Connection

Zeroing in on the Truth

Personal Trainer

Second Chance at Romance

The Load Bearing Wall

Called Out

The Stash

Episode 1 Pwnage

The Recruitment

Further Further Instructions

The Shinebox  NEW!

If We Could Only Find My Keys...  NEW!

Slip of The Tongue  NEW!

Run For The Border  NEW!

Oh, and don't miss out on:

The 32 Faces of Jack!!!

I'll be adding more as we go, so check back soon...

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